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Redd Foxx


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Redd Foxx, born John Sanford in St. Louis, Missouri, left home at 13 and scratched out a living playing washboard in a band. In the late 40s, Redd worked as a singer and a nightclub comic and began putting out records (eventually more than 30!) on a California label called Dooto. He later put out another 30 or 40 records on other labels. After he caught the attention of Frank Sinatra, his recordings began to attract a larger audience. He appeared in the film Cotton Comes to Harlem, and then was given the lead role in a sitcom called Steptoe and Son. From there, he went on to Sanford and Son -- a TV star at the age of 50.

Material excerpted from: Comedy Stew: The Best of Redd Foxx; Sony Music Entertainment, 1997.

The Very Best of Redd Foxx (Fugg It!!!); Relativity Records, 1998.

Redd Foxx..The Best Of; The Right Stuff, 1997.

Redd Foxx
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