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Robert Klein


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Robert Klein grew up in the upper middle-class lifestyle -- a nice home, a garden, a two-car garage. As a child, Robert watched comedians like Alan King and Jackie Mason rail about the life he himself was living. When Klein graduated from the Yale Drama School, he began a career of improv and stand-up, teaching school during the day. Frustration, irritation, and angst all came through in Klein's material as he talked about just how inhibited a middle-class childhood could be. He received Grammy nominations for his first two comedy albums, and eventually balanced stand-up with acting roles. Robert Klein was the voice of the new generation of young urban professionals, people complaining about familiar, everyday things.

Material excerpted from: Mind Over Matter (R2 70768); Copyright: Rhino Records, Inc. Publisher: Froben Enterprises, Inc.

Robert Klein
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Robert Klein
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