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Back in the Laugh-In days, Lily Tomlin gave us the snorting phone operator, Ernestine, and the raspberry-blowing Edith Ann. She’d go on to appear in dozens of films, television sitcoms, and one-woman Broadway shows that astonished theatergoers and critics alike. An array of hilarious and touching characters, all Lily Tomlin–one in the same. “Most sketch comedy has no intelligence behind it,” she said. “I want a glimmer of hope, a little spirit.”

As the insightful Edith Ann points out, “The problem with being a kid like me is you've got your whole life ahead of you.” Lily Tomlin is the first to admit that when she was a youngster in Detroit––with her whole life ahead of her––she had a strange fascination with the stuff advertised in the back of comic books. Things like itching powder and hand buzzers. She bought ’em all. Sometimes she skipped school to do chores for the neighbors. The income supported the comic-book, gizmo habit.

This is a Recording, Polydor, 1971, LP.
And That's The Truth, Polydor, 1972, LP.
Lily Tomlin On Stage, Arista Records, 1977, LP.

Lily Tomlin
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Lily Tomlin
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