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Ruth Wallis


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Called the "high priestess of the double entendre," and the "queen of the wicked ditties," in the '50s and '60s, Ruth Wallis was an American woman whose saucy novelty songs made her a worldwide success. She was born in Brooklyn, and gave big-band singing a whirl, even doing a stint with Benny Goodman's band. She later established herself as a cocktail lounge singer and began writing her own songs. Her records weren't played on the radio, but they became hits nonetheless. Unlike many other party records, which could barely afford more than a singer and a piano, Ruth Wallis' songs had full orchestras, usually under the direction of Mac Ceppos or Jimmy Carroll. Her albums made fun of male shortcomings and proved that women could enjoy sex and risque humor as much as men.

Material excerpted from: Ruth Wallis’ Greatest Hits: Boobs; Coyright: Wallis Originals, LLC. Publisher: All words and music by Ruth Wallis, 1998.

Ruth Wallis
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Ruth Wallis
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