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Tom Lehrer

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Tom Lehrerís comedy career was brief. In 1953, at his own expense, he pressed 400 copies of his first record. He did a second record in 1959. In 1960 he toured Europe and Australia. Then he became a full-time college professor at M.I.T. and later at the University of California. (Length 29:00)

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From the Producer

Hello Friends,

Well, after months of talking about it we decided it best to just put out new episodes on the air and see what you think. And so far the response to the new batch of episodes has been overwhelmingly positive.

Featured in this new season of Comedy College are Lisa Loopner and the other guileless creations of Gilda Radner; comedy's original rebel, Lenny Bruce; the man who just flew in and boy are his arms tired....
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