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Lucille Ball
Jack Benny
Shelley Berman
Lenny Bruce
Allen Burns
Jean Carroll
Bill Cosby
Phyllis Diller
Ruth Draper
Totie Fields
Redd Foxx
Robert Klein
Tom Lehrer
Steve Martin
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Reiner and Brooks
Anna Russell
Mort Sahl
Smothers Brothers
Stiller and Meara
Lily Tomlin
Sophie Tucker
Betty Walker
Ruth Wallis
Flip Wilson
Henny Youngman
  Steve Martin — one of the most versatile performers in the motion picture industry today. More
  Rita Rudner — the only child of witty parents, Rita displayed a complete lack of wit until the age of twenty-five. More
  Bob Newhart — perhaps the only man in the world who can talk to himself on the phone without people looking at him strangely. More
  Lily Tomlin one of America's foremost comediennes, Lily continues to venture across an ever-widening range of media.
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